Shimada Shoten – New Japan Distributor Partner

H.S. Eckels and Company is pleased to announce Shimada Shoten of Tokyo Japan as its newest distributor partner.

Eckels, headquartered in Guelph, Canada, is a manufacturer of premium embalming chemicals with current distribution partners in Europe, Central America, Australia, New Zealand and now Japan.

Shimada Shoten is a collaboration of two pioneering funeral supply companies. Shimada Shoten began in 1928 and has evolved to be one of the major forces in environmental protection chemicals.  Iwata Corporation began in 1937 and have distinguished themselves as a major innovative force in the Japanese funeral supply industry, bringing many new products to market.

“This combination of experience and innovation brings a wealth of knowledge and deep roots in the Japanese death care profession” says Richard Steele, President of Eckels. Shimada Shoten Directors Jun Shimada and Sochiro Iwata are delighted to represent Eckels in Japan and continue providing the funeral profession with new and innovative products, education and excellence in service.

Eckels is a fully diversified Funeral Service supply company dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding service to Funeral and Cemetery professionals across North America.  Founded in 1895 by Howard S. Eckels in Philadelphia, PA, Eckels specializes in clinical care chemicals and products for funeral home preparation rooms. Eckels also provides a wide range of cemetery and crematorium products. The Eckels “Impressions” cremation urn catalogue hosts the most extensive line of cremation urns, keepsakes and personalized memorial products in North America.