Newest edition of The Art and Science of Clinical Care

As a leading supplier of funeral service products worldwide, H.S. Eckels and Company is pleased to launch the newest edition of The Art and Science of Clinical Care catalogue. Featuring a wide array of new products, we are steadfastly committed to using the finest available constituents in our production of embalming chemicals and supplies in order to ensure continued excellence in outcomes for the families in your care.

The Eckels Fluid Family has expanded to include several new formulations, including Dyno Ultra Max, Drioxin Cauterant Clear, and Smile feature filler.

In addition to new chemical formulations, we’ve updated our “Restorateque Mortuary Cosmetics” series featured on pages 43 to 47. This array of professional restorative cosmetics including foundations, eye accents, concealers, and brushes reaffirms the Eckels promise to provide trusted and quality products to funeral professionals.

Available for download online or, if you would like to order a copy of the newest catalogue as a hard copy, please contact 1.800.265.8350 or