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Robin Genest – Québec and Eastern Ontario Client Service Representative

H.S. Eckels & Company (Canada) Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Robin Genest as our Québec & Eastern Ontario Client Service Representative.


Robin is a native of the Outaouais region and is fluently bilingual. Robin has been involved in funeral service for close to forty years and is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in both Ontario and Québec.  He has worked at large funeral service firms and has been involved in numerous state funerals and services of well-known Canadian families.


Robin is an outgoing and enthusiastic professional who will be a vital resource to the many clients he looks forward to serving as we face the challenges of the future.


Robin can be reached at or at: 418.515.0154


Eckels is a fully diversified Funeral Service supply company dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding service to Funeral and Cemetery professionals across North America.  Founded in 1895 by Howard S. Eckels in Philadelphia, PA, Eckels specializes in embalming chemicals and products for funeral home preparation rooms and also provides a wide range of cemetery and crematorium products. The Eckels “Impressions” cremation urn catalogue features the most extensive line of cremation urns in North America.

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H.S. Eckels
December 11, 2018
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